Saturday, May 24, 2014

6 Steps to Religious Freedom OUT NOW!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Can Atheists Handle the Truth in BAMBOOZLED?

Back in May 2011, I sent a copy of my book to Mr. Joe Crumpler, an atheist blogger who calls himself Mojoey, who agreed to accept the book for review. He sent me his full name and address and I sent the book off to him. I followed up with him about 6 weeks later and got the following e-mail response on 6/18/11, 12:01 AM:
4 chapters to go. A few days.
So I followed up with him about 6 weeks after that, but got no response. After another 6 weeks, I sent another follow up e-mail asking for the status. No response.

Then, on October 8th, I sent my mailing address and asked him to return the book to me since it seemed a review was not forthcoming due to his lack of response. Would this not be a good time for a decent person to reply and say send me a SASE and I'll send you your book back because I've changed my mind about writing a review? I think so. But Mr. Crumpler did nothing. I got no response.

Finally, on October 31st, I sent him a private message via Twitter asking him to do the right thing and return the book to me, because he agreed to do a review, accepted the book, said he had only 4 chapters to go, then became completely unresponsive to queries.

Mr. Crumpler replied to my Twitter message with the following:
Here is your review.
But wait. The story doesn't end there. Not quite.

On 11/3/11, I posted the following comment there on his blog post attacking me:
@Mojoey Mr. Crumpler:
I respectfully say that this was uncalled for. It is very mean-spirited. I was not stalking you. Does anyone think it unreasonable to expect a response from someone who told you on June 18th that he had 4 chapters to go in your book and would have the review up in a few days? When I never heard back, I simply wrote him an e-mail to follow up and never received a response.

The decent thing to do would be to be honest with me about your decision not to review the book after all and let me know if I wanted it back I could send the SASE for postage. Instead, you ignore me and post this insolent and disrespectful “review.” I didn’t send you that last message requesting the book back publicly and it wasn’t necessary to attempt to humiliate me for it.
Logic would lead us to wonder if there was something in those last 4 chapters that struck a nerve with you, Mr. Joe Crumpler. But you could’ve handled this better. 
It's been less than a day...and my comment has already disappeared. What do you make of this?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Who Invented the Holy Spirit?

Seriously, today many take the issue of the Holy Spirit slightly. It is assumed to be something real. But history tells a much different story; and besides that, we newcomers think of it as a Godly spirit.

The whole thing started centuries ago in Constantinople, Rome A.D. 381 and under the power of the Nicene Council,  when men formulated agendas for so-called religious purposes, a method of mass control. The creed that they constructed reads as follows:

"[We believe] in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, who proceeds from the Father, who with the Father and the Son is together worshipped and glorified, who spoke through the prophets."